About Us

At CROSBY, every project and piece of art exudes an elevated sense of style and professionalism in the same way we push our finished design work to resonate as measured, thoughtful, distinctive and par excellence. While most of our clients consult us for our vivid, quirky, and multilayered interiors, we embrace every genre of design styles, from Urban Modern to Neo Classic to Bohemian to Industrial, and everything in between.


CROSBY Philosophy


"A master studio of Crosby where crossover and collaboration are rules rather than exception." Crosby has flourished, unveiling ground-breaking furtniture pieces, highlighted for their irreverent design, clash of materials and technique, which has been at the core of the brand's design mission.

Who We Are

We draw heavily from the innate qualities of our founder, Mr. Ram Gopal Mahajan in imbibing and actually living the brand. Simply put, this means we do not cut corners towards making the best-in-class products.


To add to this, our work revolves around creating 'quality' with immense passion like that of our CEO, Mr. Jitendra Yadav himself - the young extraordinaire, who revolutionized the way people perceive quality in realty sector.


CROSBY Backward integration is what drives the organization's turnkey projects. In a turnkey scenario, we bring the expertise of all our divisions to focus on every single aspect of a project. In other words, everything from precision engineering to aesthetic design and from quality metal glazing to high-class interiors is done in-house. This allows for stringent control on quality, which in turn gives our customers a fine combination of precision and aesthetics.